What do you need?

Digital strategy & project management
From campaigns to website builds to just rethinking your brand online, I work with your teams to understand what you really need, and project manage the process from start to finish.

Social strategy & capability training
From the novice to the socially savvy, I help you understand what channels work best for you, what you should be saying and then, ideally, mentor and train someone in your team to take it on.

Content strategy & planning
Brand building is story telling. What is your story? How do we tell that story across all your channels? Where are these stories going to come from? What will they look like? I audit what you have and where you are now, and then work with your team to plot a cunning plan of action.

Marketing & communications consultancy
You’ve got a marketing budget, but you don’t know the best way to spend it. I work with your team and get to know the people important to you – consumers and stakeholders – and create a blueprint for influencing their decisions…in your favour.

Change management
I work with your internal teams and project manager to support your change management needs, helping employees who are affected by big organisational or technological change understand what they need to do differently and why, including any training.

Ad hoc marketing project management
Events, brochures, newsletters, campaigns, launches, internal communications….I can help make them happen.

Outsourced support
I’m available on retainer to manage your marketing, comms, PR, digital and social needs. Or I can help you find exactly the right partner.